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Hotel with banquet hall     5 star hotel in Varanasi    Luxury hotel in Varanasi

looking for one stop solution for Hotel offering below service in one place like

1. Banquet hall

2. Parking

3. Catering

4. restaurant

5. club / pool/ Spa

6. Bridal makeup

7. Taxi service  / tour packages in Varanasi

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Where to find Hotel in Varanasi

There are ample of sources to find hotel as per your budget from online travel portals and offline directories. people from Overseas follow ratings and recommendation of Hotels to get booking. But after all which one to select, because you can assure everything at one place and maintaining quality in one place. Apart from this there are already many hotels exist in Varanasi like Hotel Taj, Hotel clarks, Hotel Ramada, Hotel zeeraj and Hotel Surya and many more .

What i recommend that there are 3 places very prominent in Varanasi where you can get maximum hotel with good amenities like 5 star hotels

1. Varanasi cannt

2. Vanransi Ghat

3. Sarnath


these above 3 places are covered with cluster of Hotels and with best quality service.


Hotels Industry and Scope in Varanasi

Hotels in Varanasi are growing as big niche industry like any other capital Industry. its not depends upon number of hotel Varanasi city having but associated product and services demand and growth. Taxi service , banquet facility , Conference halls, catering services , bridal make up and many more services which actually make this industry business growth. i have heard in many places that if you are going in Varanasi , you must aware about that one stop solution for all activity cant easy to find.

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Services offered by Hotels in Varanasi

My above detail can very well described that there are many hotels in with different name are running successfully and places where people go and find the Hotels as per their budget. Since Varanasi is now days political war room for many local and national parties. there are lot many scopes available in city to grow this hotel business and their hospitality.

We are offering lot many services in one place  like

Banquet hall | catering services for Wedding | Spa | swimming pool | Spa | Restaurant | luxury Rooms | Taxi services | Tour packages in Varanasi | Astrology services | Antique handicraft items displays | parking facility | and many mores .

maintaining client as GOD and giving all proper services and hospitality is the key mantra of such types of Hotels